About Us

In 1988 Congress authorized the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers to establish nonprofit foundations in Public Law 100-322. The purpose of these foundations is to facilitate the receipt and administration of private sector funds for the support of VA research and education. Each nonprofit corporation (NPC) is an independent, state chartered, tax exempt organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a result the Kansas City Missouri VA Medical Center founded the Midwest Biomedical Research Foundation (MBRF) in November of 1988 as a nonprofit corporation which is managed by an executive director who reports to the board of directors. Our mission is to support and facilitate innovative VA research and education in a search for new treatments and cures for human disease and illness.

MBRF receives funds through grants, agreements and gifts from individuals. Many of our studies are funded and sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and non VA federal agencies as well as other non profit organizations. Because the statutory purpose of all VA NPCs is to facilitate VA research and education all of the funds we receive must be spent accordingly.

All research projects administered by MBRF must be approved by the Kansas City VA Medical Center’s Research and Development Committee and appropriate subcommittees while education activities must be approved by the facility Education Committee. In addition all of our research projects must comply with specific regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

MBRF employs a variety of nurses, technicians and administrative persons who are all part of a team which is lead by the principal investigator conducting the project. Many of our studies are clinical trials in which a physician-investigator is studying the effect of a specific treatment regimen. Other studies involve basic science research which may explore projects such as how certain hormones interact with their target cells to cause changes in gene expression. At any given time we have many active protocols. Some may last only several months and others may last 2-3 years or more. For a complete list of the areas of study and the investigator’s names please see our Research Investigators page.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope your visit has been informative in learning not only what we do but the why and how of our operation as well. If you have comments or questions please contact James Hamilton, PhD, executive director at 816/921-8311 or by email at james.hamilton6@va.gov